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Highlights of the 2019 AACE Annual Conference & Expo
Wednesday 18 September 2019, 05:15pm - 07:15pm
Contact Please confirm your presence by Friday, September 13th, 2019 to Celina Ma at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The AACE International Annual Conference and Expo was held in New Orleans from June 16th to 19th with over 700 delegates. This special presentation to kick off the AACE Montreal Section’s new season, provides highlights by colleagues in attendance as well as news from AACE. As they say in NOLA, “let the good times roll” and don’t miss this event.

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TCMA-3054 –Data Analytics – Data Analytics to Drive Reporting and Insights for Timely Decisions Improved Business Performance by Susan W. Bomba and Aleshia will be highlighted by Ashwin Lala of Hatch
Many organizations have centralized reporting teams developing reports, but often these teams are dealing within a mixture of incompatible systems, making analysis complicated and time-consuming. A standardized reporting framework with robust architecture can provide an end-to-end reporting structure that allows for transparent data analytics, helping leadership reach decisions more quickly and manage effectively. This paper focuses on 4 key areas to consider when developing a standard report framework including data automation, assessing effectiveness of key performance indicators, layered reporting that caters to different audiences and current systems and tools along with integration of business intelligence BI and data visualization solutions.


EST-3184 Estimate Validation and Bias Assessment: Ratio-to-Driver method by John Hollmann will be highlighted by Chantale Germain from Hydro Quebec
This paper describes the practice of cost estimate validation including a method called ratio-to-driver. Validation starts with the cost strategy captured in the basis of estimate document that defines the estimating approach in respect to desired base estimate bias (and every estimate is biased). Achievement of the cost strategy is the quality being assured by validation. Reliable, normalized metrics are developed from a historical database or other sources. This method applies the metrics in a logical, stepped sequence of comparisons to pinpoint the cause for deviations. This paper will be the basis of a new Recommended Practice.


PS-3243 - Which Schedule Quality Assessment Metrics to Use? and When? by Shoshanna Fraizinger will be highlighted by Les McMullan from Hatch
Multiple resources exist which provide guidance for evaluating schedule quality including NASA Schedule Management Handbook, DCMA 14 Point Assessment and GAO Schedule Assessment Guide. There are also many software tools which can interrogate the schedule for quality validation and improvement. There appears, however, to be a gap with respect to defining the extend of application of said guidance and tools. This paper intends to propose a scaled correlation of schedule health checks metrics to the schedule classifications in AACE’s Recommended Practice RP 27R-03.


Click here for the invitation in PDF.

Location Hatch, 5 Place Ville Marie, 13th floor, Gerry Hatch Meeting Room
Refreshments from 5:15 pm Meeting from 6:00 to 7:15 pm

Presentations in French (EST-3184) and English
Cost: AACEI and PMI Members: $25 Students: $ 15 Non-Members: $ 35

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